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Table 2 Main features of the studies

From: Dual anti-platelet therapy following percutaneous coronary intervention in a population of patients with thrombocytopenia at baseline: a meta-analysis

StudiesType of studyMethodological quality gradingNo of patients with thrombocytopenia at baseline (n)No of patients in the control group (n)Average PLT count in the study group
Ayoub 2018 [8]OSB32, 56532, 565< 150,000 cells/μl
Ito 2018 [9]OSB229816, 763100–150,000 cells/μl
Kiviniemi 2013 [10]OSB9976280–150,000 cells/μl
Liu 2018 [11]OSB1263863450–150,000 cells/μl
Overgaard 2008 [12]OSB63910,182< 150,000 cells/μl
Raphael 2016 [13]OSB1461281≤ 100,000 cells/μl
Shiraishi 2019 [14]OSB226100950,000–149,000 cells/μL
Yadav 2016 [15]RCTB6079996< 150,000 cells/μl
Total number of participants (n)  37,75381,192 
  1. Abbreviations: PLT platelet, OS observational study, RCT randomized controlled trials