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Table 1 Physiological and biological input parameters for PK-Sim Simulation

From: Prediction of lisinopril pediatric dose from the reference adult dose by employing a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model

Parameters/Properties Values used Reference values References
Physicochemical Lipophilicity (Log P) -1.22 -1.22 [36]
Plasma protein binding Does not bind   [37]
Molecular weight 405.48g/mol   [38]
Pka 2.5 2.5 (at pH 7) [36]
Solubility (mg/L) at reference pH 97000 97000 [39].
Biological Renal clearance 0.56 ml/min/kg 47±8.3ml/min
Metabolism - No metabolism [30]
Elimination Renal route Renal route [30]