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Table 2 Molecular docking of continentalic acid with various protein targets

From: Attenuation of LPS-induced acute lung injury by continentalic acid in rodents through inhibition of inflammatory mediators correlates with increased Nrf2 protein expression

Proteins PDB ID Amino Acid Binding energies (kcal\mol)
Keap 1 4iqk VAL465 −9.0
Nrf2 2flu PHE93 −8.4
P65 1vkx ALA497 −7.2
HO-1 1ubb HIS25 −6.5
TNF-α 2az5 TYR59 −8.2
IL-1β 1itb GLU202 −6.5
IL-6 1p9m THR130 −6.5
COX-2 5iqk PRO543 −7.5