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Table 1 Modified Histological Activity Index – grading: necro-inflammatory scores

From: The effective interplay of (non-) selective NSAIDs with neostigmine in animal models of analgesia and inflammation

A. Periportal or periseptal interface hepatitis (piecemeal necrosis)
 Absent 0
 Mild (focal, few portal areas) 1
 Mild/moderate (focal, most portal areas) 2
 Moderate (continuous around < 50 % of tracts or septa) 3
 Severe (continuous around > 50 % of tracts or septa) 4
B. Confluent necrosis
 Absent 0
 Focal confluent necrosis 1
 Centrolobular necrosis in some areas 2
 Centrolobular necrosis in most areas 3
 Centrolobular necrosis + occasional portal–central (P-C) bridging 4
 Centrolobular necrosis + multiple P-C bridging 5
 Panlobular or multilobular necrosis 6
C. Focal (spotty) lytic necrosis, apoptosis, and focal inflammation
 Absent 0
 One focus or less per 10× objective 1
 One to four foci per 10× objective 2
 Five to 10 foci per 10× objective 3
 More than 10 foci per 10× objective 4
D. Portal inflammation
 None 0
 Mild, some or all portal areas 1
 Moderate, some or all portal areas 2
 Moderate/marked, all portal areas 3
 Marked, all portal areas 4
Maximum possible score for grading 18
  1. Data (adapted to new terminologies) from Ishak et al. [29]., with the permission from authors and publisher