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Table 1 List of the preferred terms of acute kidney injury-related adverse events

From: Pharmacovigilance study of anti-infective-related acute kidney injury using the Japanese adverse drug event report database

PTa PTa code
Acute kidney injury 10069339b
Albuminuria 10001580b
Azotaemia 10003885b
Blood creatinine abnormal 10005481b
Blood creatinine increased 10005483b
Blood urea abnormal 10005846b
Blood urea increased 10005851b
Creatinine renal clearance abnormal 10068447b
Creatinine renal clearance decreased 10011372b
Glomerular filtration rate decreased 10018358b
Hypercreatininaemia 10062747b
Oedema due to renal disease 10049630b
Protein urine present 10053123b
Proteinuria 10037032b
Renal disorder 10038428
Renal failure 10038435b
Renal function test abnormal 10061480b
Renal impairment 10062237b
Renal tubular disorder 10038537b
  1. a Preferred Term
  2. b PTs included in the standardized MedDRA query ‘acute renal failure’