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Table 5 List of top-regulated miRNAs in the miRNA-mRNA regulatory network

From: Identification of potential pathways and microRNA-mRNA networks associated with benzene metabolite hydroquinone-induced hematotoxicity in human leukemia K562 cells

miRNA name Degree Regulated
miR-27a 29 up
miR-1246 17 up
miR-129-3p 17 up
miR-224 17 up
miR-452 14 up
miR-29a 13 up
miR-572 2 up
miR-188-5p 6 down
miR-139-5p 5 down
miR-135b 5 down
miR-18b 4 down
miR-136 3 down
miR-199a-3p 3 down
miR-18a 3 down