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Lessons from tissue-specific KO of CNP/GC-B system - everlasting challenge to clinical application

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BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology201314 (Suppl 1) :O4

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  • Peptide
  • Clinical Application
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Knockout Mouse
  • Natriuretic Peptide

Since the identification of the first natriuretic peptide, ANP, from the atrium of the heart, thirty years have passed and clinical applications have been achieved in ANPBNP/GC-A system. In contrast with the distribution of the ANPBNP/GC-A system as the endocrine system, the CNP/GC-B system is distributed as the paracrine/autocrine system.

In order to assess physiological rolls of the CNP/GC-B system, we have developed tissue –specific knockout mice using the Cre-Lox-P system. Here, we present results of both CNP knockout mice and GC-B knockout mice in the brain, bone and cardiovascular system and discuss the possible physiological and pathophysiological implications of the CNP/GC-B system.

Authors’ Affiliations

Medical Innovation Center and Dept. of Med. and Clin. Sci., Kyoto Univ. Graduate School of Med., Kyoto, Japan